Rudolf Harmsen 

Writings: Letters


A Strange Winter

Without our normal snowy winter, we left our snow-shoes hanging in the barn, and focused on harvesting fire-wood and ...

The Warmest Summer

Working at creating the perfect lawn is a matter of ...

Once an Academic.....

The trouble started when a few years ago I volunteered to ...

Pittsburgh, New York and a New Harmsen.

In that instant, our entire concept of the rest of our lives was changed.

Animals – Loved Ones and not so Loved Ones

How exactly he entered and exited the house we never found out ...

Grandmother and Grandfather.

... so that Gwen can come with me before breakfast to get the freshly laid eggs.

2011's Year End

You might think that a person as old as I am would be sorry to see yet another year come to an end, but being honest, despite some good times had, I am glad this year is behind us.

The Road to Sukau

: Oil palm plantations and rainforest.
For some 100 km we drove through virtually nothing but oil palm plantations on both sides of the road, for as far as the eye could see.


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